Fixura, the oldest company in the P2P-lending business in the Northern countries

Fixura was established in 2009. Our business idea is simple – we unite investors and private persons in need for financing in a way that benefits both. People have always been lending money to each other against interest. Today’s modern technology makes it much easier to bring together investors and borrowers, the risk diversification is also much easier and safer than before.

When investing in Fixura’s loans you have a positive impact on the Finnish economy and at the same time you help Finns with good payment behaviour to get their loans with a fair interest rate. And you get a fair return at the same time.

The Fair Credit, a sound investment

The starting interest rate for all loans is 9,9 %. Due to the decreasing interest rate, customers who make their payments on time can reduce their rate down to 2,9 %, which makes our product very competitive. Well paying customers are lower risk to investors and for this the reason they deserve lower interest rate.

Always the right time

It’s always the right time to invest in P2P-loans compared to the stock market, as there is no risk in timing the investment. The fluctuations in the stock market do not impact on the value of your P2P-loan investments nor in the expected profit. The timing does not affect the profit of your portfolio. This is why you can start your investment whenever you find it convenient – it’s always the right time to invest.


Reinvest24, a leading crowdlending platform from Estonia

About Reinvest24

Reinvest24 team is working with the real estate market since 2005 and during this time were involved with project development, investments in real estate, property sales and maintenance.

Reinvest24 understood that this business direction has enormous potential as you learn more and go deep into the details about different markets and investment opportunities. At the same time, it is a time-consuming process to find the best deals on the market. That was the reason, why Reinvest24 created this project and let you become partner on the Reinvest24 platform.

First steps are always hard and swimming in the ocean of ‘investments’ is not an easy task. Selecting a real estate object that is providing a high return on investment requires knowledge of the industry, regional development plans, a lot of time for monitoring the market and experience in this field. Purchasing a real estate property usually requires considerable capital. Thus, it’s not always possible to acquire properties with an attractive yield for the average investor due to high price.

Reinvest24 platform is taking away the trouble and headaches of investing into real estate by using very professional help in selecting real estate properties to invest into, maintaining the properties, searching for tenants, doing renovations and other relevant activities.

You can make investments starting from 100 EUR and become a real estate investor in different countries without the need to apply for a bank loan.


LendSecured, a crowdlending platform with low LTV’s

LendSecured is a Real Estate Crowdlending platform providing only real estate backed investment opportunities.


The core pillar and philosophy for Lendsecured is to minimize the risks. LendSecured feels responsible for their clients and believes that if investors have trusted them with their funds, then it is their duty to offer the safest possible investment opportunities. In order to minimize the risks, LendSecured publish investment projects with low LTV (Loan to Value ratio). The lower, the ratio, the lower the risk.

It all goes back to 2019, when two experienced professionals from the secured lending sector Ņikita Gončars and Edgars Tālums became aware that there is a niche in the crowdlending market, as none of the existing market players offered low-LTV investment deals.

The secured lending business under the leadership of Ņikita and Edgars had bought its strategic investors a return of over 10%. Now through the platform they are ready to offer investment opportunities for public.

LendSecured benefits from debt collection license (Loan MGMT Ltd.). Besides that, LendSecured is the member of European Crowdfunding Network since 2020.


Moncera, a P2P marketplace from Estonia

Moncera is a peer-to-peer marketplace, where Investors can build a regular flow of passive income by investing in consumer loans from non-banking lending institutions.

How does Moncera work?

Loan Originators list loans issued to the borrowers on the marketplace. Investors are free to choose between different loans and volume they want to finance. Different Loan Types with various maturities and returns allow Investors to create their investment portfolio according to their strategy. You can either invest manually by browsing through the market or you can set up an Auto-invest portfolio investing according to your chosen criteria.

Who is eligible to invest with Moncera?

To become an investor you need to be at least 18 years old, be a resident of a European Economic Area (EEA) country and have a bank account in your name opened in an EEA country. An individual is recognized as a resident if he or she is a citizen, has a residence permit or is registered as a tax payer in an EEA country.


Meet Nordstreet, a leading crowdfunding platform from Lithuania

Nordstreet is a crowdfunding platform that radically changes real estate investment opportunities. From now on, RE investments are no longer reserved for venture capital firms or very rich entities: everyone has an opportunity to choose an RE project and invest an amount of their choice (from EUR 100). Only thoroughly verified and analysed real estate projects are presented on the platform. Moreover, NordStreet gives investors all information on the projects, their risks, guarantees, etc.

For real estate developers, Nordstreet presents a reliable opportunity to secure investment for their real estate project by means of crowdfunding. The requested investment is unlimited (given the LTV indicator does not exceed 75%), and the project may run for up to 36 months. One of the key aspects of a business loan for real estate developers is that during the project, they pay only interest, and are expected to repay the full amount only at maturity, i.e. after the successful completion of project development.

 UAB Nordstreet is included in the Public List of Operators of Concentrated Financing Platforms administered by the Bank of Lithuania. Bank of Lithuania Consumer and Financial Market Participant Dispute Resolution Procedure.

Why invest via ,,NordStreet”?

If you are looking to invest (even if it is only a small amount), the ,,NordStreet”  platform offers one of the most promising investment areas – real estate. Main reasons to invest via ,,NordStreet” :

  • Here you will find only thoroughly vetted projects assessed by our RE experts.
  • You can start investing from EUR 100.
  • Borrowers guarantee repayment of the project investments by pledge of property, which makes investment risk lower than normal.
  • The average return on investment can be as high as 11 percent.

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