Estateguru review. Pros and Cons

Estateguru review. Estateguru is the leading European marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans.

In 2013 a group of real estate and fintech experts based in Tallinn, Estonia had a bright idea. What if they could break down the barriers which ensured that investing in secured property loans was a luxury only available to the wealthy and well-connected? And what if they could help entrepreneurs and visionaries in the property development business who struggle with the ‘one-size-fits all’ solutions offered by banks and major financial institutions at the same time? Thus EstateGuru was born.

Estateguru key metrics

Average return: UP to 12%

Investors: 79000+

Amount invested: 340M+ EUR

Regulated: Yes (has a crowdfunding licence in Lithuania, Germany and Finnland)

Secondary market: Yes

Auto invest: Yes

Estateguru PROS

  • High returns up to 11%
  • Easy to use
  • Autoinvest
  • Good track record
  • Regulated

Estateguru CONS

  • Real estate market risk

My personal review

Estateguru crowdfunding platform is a solid platform from Estonia which has issued loans worth of more than 340M eur. More than 79000 investors trust Estateguru. It is easy to use their investment platform and navigate through their dashboard. Returns are attractive and you can earn up to 12%. It is one of the biggest real estate crowdfunding platform’s in Europe.

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P2P lending in Baltics. TOP 3 fast growing platforms

P2P lending in Baltics. Early on, the P2P lending system was seen as offering credit access to people who would be spurned by conventional institutions or a way to consolidate student loan debt at a more favorable interest rate. In recent years, however, P2P lending sites have expanded their reach. Most now target consumers who want to pay off credit card debt at a lower interest rate. Home improvement loans and auto financing are also now available at P2P lending sites.

The financial world has witnessed the launch of many innovative products and services in recent years. Well-known examples include Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies, which many view as a substitute for traditional currencies; digital payment services that make taking care of bills and sending funds to family and friends a lot easier than it used to be; and online financial portals that allow people to access and monitor bank and other accounts from one location.

However, few of these innovations have proved to be the game-changer that peer-to-peer lending has been. In less than a decade, P2P lending has become a mainstream financial resource helping to match those who are seeking to borrow money for various reasons with those who are looking to earn more on their money. In fact, the global peer-to-peer market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of nearly 50% through 2024, according to Transparency Market Research.

P2P lending in Baltics. TOP 3 fast growing platforms.

 Kviku is one of the fastest-growing Fintech lending groups globally. Kviku FInance positions as B2B2C credit platform which provides instant lending solutions to customers all over the world. Kviku operating companies are working under strict supervision of the local regulators including Central Bank (Russia, Kazakhstan), Securities and Exchange Commission (Philippines), ASNEF (Spain).

Kviku Finance platform key metrics

Average return: UP to 12%

Investors: 5000+

Amount invested: 100M+ EUR

Regulated: No

Autoinvest: Yes

Moncera is founded by Dmitri and Aleksei. Both are ambitious and experienced in the financial field. Combining Dmitri’s financial knowledges with Aleksei’s expertise in infotechnology make Moncera a successful investing platform. Moncera has a partnership with Placet Group. It has 15 years of experience in the financial field. The company provides variety of consumer loans as well as business loans. Placet Group operates in 3 markets under 7 brands: and in Estonia; and in Lithuania; and in Poland.

Moncera’s key metrics

Average return: UP to %12

Investors: 1000+

Amount invested: 6M+ EUR

Regulated: No

Autoinvest: Yes

Profitus is real estate investment platform. The idea of PROFITUS developed slowly. When working with real estate buyers and sellers and developing real estate projects, more and more people were asking about the possibility of investing their money in real estate. And Profitus has in mind not necessarily large sums of money. To keep money in banks is not a solution because nowadays banks do not pay interest, and investment in shares, with no specific knowledge of this area, is very risky. Yet, real estate is a tangible thing, it protects your money from inflations – in short, real estate is a solution you were looking for. And one more thing – imagine, your real estate constantly generates additional income. Nothing can be better! However, to be able to buy an apartment or commercial premises, renting them and getting passive income requires a substantial initial contribution.

Profitus platform key metrics

Expected annual return: UP to 13%

Investors: 2000+

Amount invested: 25M+ EUR

Regulated: Yes

Autoinvest: No

Secondary market: No

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