Fixura review. Pros and Cons

Fixura review. Fixura from Finland is the oldest company in the Nordic countries when it comes to crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending.  Fixura was established in 2009′. Fixura is a forerunner in the business in Finland. Fixura’s business idea is simple – they bring investors and borrowers in need of loan together in a way that benefits both. When investing in Fixuras loans you affect the Finnish economy positively and at the same time you help Finns with a good payment history to get their loans with a fair interest rate. And you get a fair return at the same time.

Fixura’s platform key metrics

Average return: UP to 4%

Investors: 10000+

Amount invested: 100M+ EUR

Regulated: Yes

Autoinvest: Yes

Fixura’s PROS

  • A regulated platform
  • Operates since 2009. Long track record
  • Autoinvest
  • Easy to use

Saveland CONS

  • A low returns on investments

My personal review

Fixura’s platform is a solid platform from Finnland with more than 11 years of experience in the market. More than 10000 investors trust Fixura. . It is easy to use their investment platform and navigate through their dashboard. However, the returns are lower compared to other platforms in Europe.

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