Max exchange

Max exchange. Launched on February 25, 2018, MAX is a centralized exchange based in Taiwan. MAX (MaiCoin Asset Exchange) is part of the MaiCoin Group, a trading platform in Taiwan. It supports TWD (Taiwan Dollar) fiat trading pairs. It also reportedly supports TWD fiat deposits and withdrawals with local banks in Taiwan.

MAX Exchange provides transaction matching of fiat currency to virtual currency and virtual currency to virtual currency, which can be traded instantly through computer, mobile APP, and API binding.

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MAX Exchange is a part of MaiCapital group. MaiCapital is a hedge fund company that uses quantitative analysis to invest in blockchain technology, virtual currencies and alternative assets. MaiCapital holds Type 4 and Type 9 licenses issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, allowing it to legally raise funds from accredited investors.


The future will be a decentralized financial world: valuable tokens can be issued and circulated, and transferred between individuals and machines, while being supervised by competent authorities, in parallel with the traditional financial world. The world will see an increase in self-sovereignty, prompting policies to be made more suitable for existing applications; decentralization will also reduce the cost and friction of all transactions.


Leverage Taiwan’s unique strengths: Located at the center of the world’s most populous and fastest-growing Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan is not only rich in human and financial capital, but also has a vibrant and tolerant civil society. Therefore, Taiwan is best suited to try a new model – developing a brand-new financial system. Starting from Taiwan, breaking the barriers between the Internet and the physical world; bringing together the global markets of finance, IoT and artificial intelligence.

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