Crowdestor review. Pros and Cons

Crowdestor review. Crowdestor is an online crowdfunding platform where businesses and investors meet. Crowdestor accelerates the boost of investors’ financial well-being and help growth-focused businesses to develop and promote a breakthrough.

Crowdestor key metrics

Average return: UP to 28%

Investors: 21200+

Amount invested: 40M+ EUR

Regulated: No

Secondary market: No

Crowdestor PROS

  • High returns up to 28%
  • Easy to use

Crowdestor CONS

  • Not regulated
  • Decent amount of late loans

My personal review

Crowdestor platform is a solid platform from Estonia which has issued loans worth of more than 40M eur. More than 21200 investors trust Crowdestor. It is easy to use their investment platform and navigate through their dashboard. Returns are attractive and you can earn up to 28%. It is one of the biggest crowdfunding platform’s in Estonia at the moment. However, there is a decent amount of late projects.

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