Fixura, the oldest company in the P2P-lending business in the Northern countries

Fixura was established in 2009. Our business idea is simple – we unite investors and private persons in need for financing in a way that benefits both. People have always been lending money to each other against interest. Today’s modern technology makes it much easier to bring together investors and borrowers, the risk diversification is also much easier and safer than before.

When investing in Fixura’s loans you have a positive impact on the Finnish economy and at the same time you help Finns with good payment behaviour to get their loans with a fair interest rate. And you get a fair return at the same time.

The Fair Credit, a sound investment

The starting interest rate for all loans is 9,9 %. Due to the decreasing interest rate, customers who make their payments on time can reduce their rate down to 2,9 %, which makes our product very competitive. Well paying customers are lower risk to investors and for this the reason they deserve lower interest rate.

Always the right time

It’s always the right time to invest in P2P-loans compared to the stock market, as there is no risk in timing the investment. The fluctuations in the stock market do not impact on the value of your P2P-loan investments nor in the expected profit. The timing does not affect the profit of your portfolio. This is why you can start your investment whenever you find it convenient – it’s always the right time to invest.