Moncera review. Pros and Cons

Moncera review. Moncera is founded by Dmitri and Aleksei. Both are ambitious and experienced in the financial field. Combining Dmitri’s financial knowledges with Aleksei’s expertise in infotechnology make Moncera a successful investing platform. Moncera has a partnership with Placet Group. It has 15 years of experience in the financial field. The company provides variety of consumer loans as well as business loans. Placet Group operates in 3 markets under 7 brands: and in Estonia; and in Lithuania; and in Poland.

Moncera’s key metrics

Average return: UP to %12

Investors: 1000+

Amount invested: 6M+ EUR

Regulated: No

Autoinvest: Yes

Moncera’s PROS

  • Buyback guarantee
  • Partnership with Placet Group
  • Autoinvest
  • Easy to use

Moncera’s CONS

  • Not a regulated platform

My personal review

Moncera platform is a solid platform from Estonia which has a partnership with Placet Group. More than 1000 investors trust Moncera . It is easy to use their investment platform and navigate through their dashboard. Returns are attractive and can earn up to 12%. However, the platform is not regulated.

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