Interview with BOLDYIELD crowdfunding platform

How would you describe BOLDYIELD platform?

Boldyield was established in 2019 and is a peer-to-business crowdfunding platform with focus on real estate and cash-flow business financing. Boldyield brings together developers and investors by helping businesses to reach funding and investors to grow wealth.

Majority of Boldyield projects are for real-estate development and are targeted on sustainability, especially green energy. Interest rate depends on the risk level of the project – we accept more stable and predictable businesses, thus giving an opportunity to our investors to earn 6 – 12% p.a.

Experts of Realto acts as our advisors where necessary. Realto is one of the largest real estate developers and managers in Latvia with more than 20 years of experience in real estate, business, legal and finance matters.

Welcome to watch an introductory video about Boldyield:

What are the biggest challenges in this first year?

One of the challenges we face is to attract attention from investors that suffered by P2B scam platforms during last 2 years. Several past and current events have left a major stamp on crowdfunding industry, but we are confident that the new Crowdfunding regulation (EU Regulation No 2020/1503) is not coming too late and would act as a lifejacket for crowdfunding – create strict and harmonized rules for crowdfunding, thus creating it as a safe place for investors, protect investments and build overall trust in crowdfunding.

We have experienced difficulties to attract projects that would pass our evaluation, are safe and at the same time are ready to pay interest that is attractive to investors. In the process of evaluation, we have had several projects that (1) would pass our evaluation but are ready to pay interest only up to 6%, or (2) they do not qualify and are too risky for our platform.

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What are the three main advantages for investors?

  • 100 EUR minimum investment amount: Investors can start investing in the projects on Boldyield platform starting 100 EUR;
  • Instant interest for all projects: Meaning that investor starts earning money from the first day of investment, and receives the first payout just at a time when the project gets funded in the Boldyield platform;
  • Secured investor funds: Transfer of funds to the borrower takes place only after we have made sure that investor money is secured with a collateral;

Is the technical platform self-developed or using white label solution?

The platform is 100% self-developed.

What ROI can investors expect?

If the funds of investor are invested in projects all the time (i.e., money is working), ROI of funds invested in Boldyield platform should exceed 9%. Achieved ROI depend on each investor individually – if the funds are not invested, ROI will decrease accordingly.

How does the platform evaluate borrowers?

Each project goes through in-depth financial and legal due diligence evaluation and have to pass Boldyield Risk scoring procedure before it is published on Boldyield platform. There are more than 15 criteria in the Risk scoring in three categories: financial health of the company, business management (and management experience) and company’s history. After evaluation the project gets an Overall risk rating from A-D, where A is the group of projects with the lowest risk. Projects with a risk rating D are not published on the platform.

Are you open to international investors?

Currently, we are open for investors within EEA.

Is your platform regulated?

At the moment crowdfunding and operations of Boldyield are not a subject to any specific law which require for us to get licensed.

On 10 November 2021 EU Regulation No 2020/1503 on European crowdfunding service providers for businesses (ECSP Regulation) will come into force and harmonize requirements for crowdfunding service providers across EU.

Boldyield is following most of requirements that ECSP Regulation introduces and we are now in the application process to get a Crowdfunding license once the ECSP Regulation will come into force.

How do you see BOLDYIELD platform in 5 years?

We believe that for the next 5 – 10 years alternative financing will become more and more popular (could even beat traditional financing) by providing services that matches the needs of businesses and by offering higher yields for investments. There is a trend in the market proving investors are searching to diversify their investments in instruments that have small risk and businesses are reaching for cheaper funding and co-funding to traditional bank loans that could be obtained fast. Because alternative financing is becoming more popular and crowdfunding is getting regulated (creating safe environment for investors), the aim of Boldyield for the next 5 – 10 years is to be part of supporting alternative financing and crowdfunding becoming No 1 fund originator for businesses.


We are for less risk, but stable returns.

JOIN US AND get EUR 50 cashback added to your Boldyield user account, if you invest EUR 500 or more by 30 September 2021.