Peer to peer lending in Lithuania. TOP 3 leading platforms

Peer to peer lending in Lithuania. P2P lending has only existed since 2005, but the crowd of competing sites is already considerable. While they all operate the same basic way, they vary quite a bit in their eligibility criteria, loan rates, amounts, and tenures, as well as their target clientele. To jump-start your search, we scoured the online P2P marketplace and came up with these top 6 platforms, depending on your exact financial situation.

Peer to peer lending in Lithuania. TOP 3 platforms.

Profitus is a leading crowfunding platform in Lithuania. PROFITUS is real estate investment platform. Profitus changed the approach to investing in real estate. From now on, you can invest in real estate from EUR 100. Moreover, borrowing money for your real estate project is much faster and easier than applying to the bank. Profitus brings together people who want to invest in real estate and people on the other side – those who are looking for money to implement their real estate idea.

Finbee is the first peer-to-peer lending platform to loan to small- and medium-sized businesses in Lithuania. These loans are also backed by Invega, a state-owned company, under the program “Raspberry”, which was specially developed for peer-to-peer loans.

NEO Finance is one of the few crowdlending platforms with an unlimited EMI license from the Central Bank, valid throughout Europe. The safety of investors’ money is thus guaranteed: it is held in the name of the investor himself and is completely separated from the NEO Finance company accounts. In addition, the platform is continuously monitored by the Central Bank of the EU country of Lithuania.

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P2P lending Lithuania: TOP platforms

P2P lending Lithuania. Peer-to-peer lending websites are financial matchmakers, online money cupids, marrying up people who’ve cash to lend and are looking for a good return, with individuals or companies wanting to borrow.

With the banking middleman cut out, investors putting up cash for lending can get much higher rates than they would from a savings account, while borrowers often pay less than with a conventional loan. The sites themselves profit by taking a fee.

But before you get excited by the rates on offer and put any money into peer-to-peer (P2P), it’s important you understand that it’s NOT like traditional savings.

P2P Lending Lithuania. TOP platforms

Finbee. The platform offers financing to individual personal projects. Such as renovation, purchasing of vehicles, reestructuring debt, and healthcare, among others and financing to businesses.

NEO Finance. The platform offers unsecured financing to individuals personal projects such as renovation, purchasing of vehicles, restructuring debt, and trips among others.

Nordstreet. The platform offers financing to real estate developers for different purposes and businesses that can pledge existing real estate.